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Antiaging Medicine

Antiaging Medicine is preventive medicine focused on regaining and maintaining optimal health and quality of life as well as preventing chronic diseases of aging.

Message from Antiaging Atlanta

Dr. Randy Smith, former President of Cenegenics Atlanta, offers a complete antiaging medicine program in the Atlanta Georgia area to improve women and men's health.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a foundation Antiaging Medicine and may include Sermorelin which stimulates HGH production, HGH or Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, HCG to stimulate Testoerone production in men, and DHEA therapy for deficient adults as determined by clinical and laboratory testing. In addition, Estradiol and Progesterone may be prescribed for menopausal or peri-menopausal women based on a health risk-benefit assessment.

TA65 Telomere therapy also available (email for details).

Total Health Optimization is achieved through the synergy of the five Age Management Medicine or Anti Aging Medicine program elements including Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Science Based Nutraceutical Supplementation, Low Glycemic Index Nutrition, Strength Training and Aerobic Exercise, and Stress Reduction.  

Call Dr. Randy Smith, AntiAging Atlanta, former President of Cenegenics Atlanta, for a complimentary consultation today:

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Antiaging Medicine Program

Dr. Smith, former President of Cenegenics Atlanta, feels the most successful antiaging medicine programs for men and women integrate the five elements of HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, using bio-identical hormones for deficient adults including HGH or Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, DHEA, and potentially Estradiol & Progesterone in women, a balanced low glycemic index diet, scientifically based prescription dietary supplements or nutraceuticals, aerobic and resistance exercise, and stress reduction. The synergy of these antiaging medicine elements promotes optimal health, energy, and vitality, a lean body composition and ideal body weight, thereby improving women and men's health..

Potential antiaging medicine program benefits include:

The use of hormone replacement therapy including Sermorelin and Human Growth Hormone or HGH, Testosterone, DHEA, Estradiol and Progesterone is limited to adult men and women with clinical indications, and hormonal deficiencies documented by laboratory testing.

Dr. Randy Smith - Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Randy Smith, former President of Cenegenics Atlanta, is passionate about helping people optimize their health and increase their vitality. Disease prevention and enhancement of quality of life are the goals of our comprehensive antiaging program. In addition most patients report significant improvements in muscle tone, achieve a more youthful body composition, and experience improved sexual functioning and increased energy and stamina.

During your Age Management Medicine assessment Doctor Smith, former President of Cenegenics Atlanta, will design a customized program incorporating the essential elements of hormonal optimization, nutritional supplementation, dietary modification, exercise, and stress reduction specifically for you to meet your health and wellness goals.

Call and speak personally with Doctor Smith today about starting your personal Antiaging Medicine program. Dr. Smith, former President of Cenegenics Atlanta, will provide a complimentary consultation either in person or by phone for prospective clients.

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