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Dr. Smith's Personal Antiaging Story

Like many of my fellow Baby Boomers I was approaching the age of 50 (47 at the time) and was not happy with the way I was feeling. I was tired, out of shape, lacked energy and enthusiasm for life, and my daily routine had become difficult to manage.

In addition I had several medical conditions that were troubling. Years earlier I had broken my hip among other things in a serious motor vehicle accident. As a result I had a total hip replacement at age 41 and my artificial hip was failing partly because I had developed osteoporosis which was later discovered to be related to a partial testosterone deficiency.

So there I was at age 47: overweight, in chronic pain, with osteoporosis, walking with a cane, needing a second hip replacement and not knowing if I was going to be able to ever walk again without assistance. At this point I began to rapidly explore my options and try to keep the 'wheels from coming off.'

I knew I needed to lose weight, get my osteoporosis treated, and plan for the second hip surgery. While arranging these treatments I began to study the area of antiaging medicine and realized that this field could not only help me but countless others.

In about a year I went from 295 to 225 lbs (a loss of 70 lbs), changed my BMI from 30.8 to 23.5 and my percent body fat from about 31% to 11%. My bone density is approaching normal and my mobility had vastly improved and I am able to walk without assistance from a cane or a crutch.

dr smith before 001 dr smith after 001
Summer 2001 - Age 47 Summer 2004 - Age 50

More before and after photos of Dr. Smith

I accomplished this and continue to maintain it through a combination of hormone replacement therapy, following a low glycemic index diet, using appropriate nutritional supplements, following a sensible exercise program and lowering my stress level. The weight loss followed as a result of these factors.

As a result of my success with antiaging medicine I have become determined to share this message with others and have opened Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Medicine, LLC in Alpharetta, GA.

I am committed to provide you the best in antiaging medicine.

Randy Smith, MD


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