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Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement

Weight control is critical for achieving optimal health and longevity. During your initial assessment we will discretely determine your ideal body weight and BMI (body mass index) and set a realistic time frame to reach your goal weight and desired body composition.

The combination of Antiaging Medicine Program elements work synergistically to change your body composition such that your lean body mass increases and your body fat mass decreases.

The use of hgh or human growth hormone in conjunction with other bioidentical anabolic hormones is particularly effective in producing a lean body composition. Other pharmaceutical and neutraceutical agents may also be employed to accelerate weight reduction if desired.

In particular you will lose abdominal or visceral fat which is the most significant in terms of health risk. Below are the BMI health guidelines:

BMI Categories:

To calculate your BMI go to:

BMI Calculator

Overweight and obesity are clearly assoiciated with increased morbidity and mortality and are now considered major health risks.

We will design an appropriate weight reduction strategy as part of you antiaging program if needed.


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