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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are simply hormones that are identical to those naturally occurring in our bodies as opposed to those found in drugs such as Premarin.

Hormones are substances produced by specialized cells in our bodies. They affect the metabolism of other cells that have receptors for the particular hormone.

Bioidentical hormones include estradiol, progesterone, human growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin and others.

It is now understood that many of our hormone levels decline with age and that our hormone levels have broad reaching consequences for our metabolism and the state of our health.

There is a fundamental question being debated in medicine today, and that is:

Do our hormone levels decline because we age or do we age because our hormone levels decline?

Many antiaging physicians believe that we develop many of the degenerative diseases of aging at least in part due to declining hormone levels.

One component of your personalized antiaging program will be to restore your hormone levels to those normally found in the 20 - 30 year age range. This approach avoids the complications that may be seen when unmonitored hormone doses are used.

This therapy is not to be confused with anabolic steroids used by certain athletes or non-bioidentical hormones such as Premarin. We are simply replacing hormones that are normally produced in your body to youthful levels.

Complete bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is much more effective than replacing single hormones in achieving optimal health since hormones act synergistically. We therefore replace when appropriate human growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA and melatonin in men and human growth hormone, testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, DHEA and melatonin in women.

Most individuals realize health benefits associated with a more youthful metabolism including increased energy and vitality, improved mood and outlook on life, improved body composition, and a stronger immune system among others.

Dr. Smith is committed to help you achieve a state of optimal health and vitality.


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