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The Antiaging News Letter - October 31, 2005

Edited by Dr. Randy Smith of Antiaging and Weight Loss Medicine, LLC

Halloween can Raise your CRP

Foods that spike blood sugar spur inflammation. In new research at Harvard, women who ate foods with the highest glycemic load had nearly twice as much inflammation. Such foods include white potatoes, white rice, white bread, sugar and highly processed cereals. (Read Article)

I suspect those Snickers and Three Musketeers Bars will also fall into this category.

Bio-Identical Hormones - Drug Companies are Critical

Sales of female hormone replacement drugs, such as Wyeth's Premarin, have plummeted in the wake of a U.S.-financed study that uncovered health risks associated with their long-term use. Instead of working on an internal solution to their problem Big Pharma companies are now attacking the use of Bio-Identical Hormones. (Read Article)

The proper use of Bio-Identical Hormones involves individualized dosing and follow up testing to ensure proper hormone levels are achieved in the patient along with the desired clinical response. The animal derived products such as Premarin are often prescribed in a fixed dose without monitoring of hormone levels. Some doctors believe this is why they have been associated with side effects.

McDonalds To Put Nutrition Facts of Food Packages

In its latest measure to fend off critics that blame the world's largest restaurant company for contributing to a rising incidence of obesity and other health problems, McDonald's on Tuesday said it will start printing nutritional information on the packaging of its food. (Read Article)

Do you really need a nutrition label to know that a diet of Big Macs will make you fat? Come on - Supersize Me.

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